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Fluffie Stuffiez Small Collectible Plush Sheep Fields Family


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Fluffie Stuffiez offer a fun and interactive experience with three ways to play. First, you pull the fluff to reveal a surprise character hidden underneath. Then, you discover which cute friend you've revealed. Finally, you can store the pulled fluff in the soft, squishy bag, which doubles as a second friend for more playtime.

Each Fluffie Stuffiez has a hidden character under the fluff, making it a fun surprise to find out who you get. The interactive nature of pulling off the fluff and putting it in the squishy pouch provides hours of fun. You can get creative with different fluff styles, like giving your character a mustache, unibrow, heart cheeks, or a mohawk.

The squishy storage bag not only keeps your pulled fluff but also becomes a second friend for extended play. Its squishiness makes it a great fidget toy. Each character comes with a collectible tag that tells you all about your new friend. Fluffie Stuffiez offer unboxing excitement, collectability, ASMR, and fidget fun all in one toy.

Suitable for ages 4+

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 15 June, 2024.